Sunday, November 28, 2010

Honeymoon in Tulum

After a long wait through the fall the time for our honeymoon finally arrived. We spent the entire week of Thanksgiving in Tulum, Mexico. We flew from Houston to Cancun and then drove about an hour south to Tulum. Saturday was a long day of travel but we arrived at the hotel around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. The air was warm and salty, skies cloudy and the ocean roaring. Our room was on the second floor of two and faced the ocean with double doors opening onto a balcony. The accommodations were very simple, no electrical appliances in the room other than a few lights. This was exactly what we were looking for. After dropping off our things we walked down the road to a beachfront restaurant named Zamas, per the recommendation of John and Carla. The food was great and we loved the atmosphere. It was truly on the beach, the floor was sand. We enjoyed it so much that we found our way back there 5 times throughout the trip.

The first two days were spent doing almost nothing but lying on the beach, eating and reading. Perfect. On our third day we decided to check out the Tulum ruins. The city of Tulum, where we were staying, is located on the Yucatan peninsula, which was occupied by the Mayans for a few thousand years. The Mayans were skilled at constructing buildings out of the native limestone, and thus there are many ruins that exist to this day. The Tulum ruins are only a couple miles north of where we were staying and were great. The ruins are now a park and very well maintained. The grounds are beautiful, perched high on a cliff above the Caribbean.

Later in the day we took a drive south from Tulum towards Punta Allen. The road was one of the worst gravel roads that I have ever driven on. The map deceived us in terms of the distance to Punta Allen so we drove and we drove without ever getting anywhere. Finally we turned around and headed back. The road was entirely within a biosphere reserve whose visitor's center we stopped at on the way out. The man we met while there would lead us to one of the greatest tourism experiences of our lives. His name is Aldo and he owns a small business that runs tours through the reserve. We made plans to go on a 5hr tour with him the next day.

We arrived at 9am and readied our things. After a short walk through the forest we arrived at the dock where the tour boats are kept. The dock is placed on the inland side of a narrow peninsula between the ocean and a freshwater lagoon. Withing 2 min of casting off we had seen two crocodiles. Shortly thereafter we passed an island with a female osprey at her nest. From there we cruised through a narrow channel lined with mangroves that opened up to the sea. I've always been fascinated with the interactions that occur when rivers meet large bodies of water and this spot did not disappoint. From there we turned around and went north directly up the middle of the lagoon to a channel entrance. The system of channels is naturally occurring but was widened by the Mayans over a thousand years ago for trading purposes. The canals range in width from about 6 to 20 ft and the sides are vertical limestone. They are also incredibly long. We rode through the longest stretch for about 9 miles. It was amazing to think that these were all widened and maintained by hand with nothing but very hard wooden tools. We drove through one more lagoon and docked at an entrance to another set of ruins named Muyil. These were "off the beaten path" and so there were very few other tourists around. Aldo pointed out an impressive amount of the native flora and fauna and it's significance to the Mayan people. The information signs were all printed in Spanish, Mayan and English. To our surprise Aldo was nearly fluent in Mayan as he demonstrated the Mayan pronunciation of the descriptions. We then boarded the boat to make our way to our flotation. We were both somewhat unsure of what this would entail until we reached the place on the canal where the flotation was to take place, he handed us a couple life jackets and told us to jump in. The term flotation was quite literal, and the objects floating were us. The current was running at about 5 mph and we floated down the canal for about 25 min. It's very difficult to describe how enjoyable the experience was. After that Aldo served us a traditional Mayan lunch of Yucatan style tamales. They were delicious. And finally we headed back to the dock to end our awesome 7 1/2 hr tour.

The next day we started with our traditional delicious breakfast on the beach. My favorite was the chilaquiles and Leah wavered between the huevos rancheros and the huevos mexicanos. Matched with homemade tortillas and fresh squeezed orange juice our days started off great without fail. Our goal this day was to tour some more Mayan ruins. We set off for Coba, one of the more popular destinations, behind Chichen-Itza. The ruins themselves were spread out over a large area throughout the forest. There were three primary areas and we visited each one. As soon as you walk through the entrance you must pass through a literal tunnel of guides offering you their services. We opted to forego as the Tulum ruins had signs that were very informative and we expected the same from Coba. Unfortunately Coba had very few signs and so we were left primarily to our imaginations. That was not all bad though as there seems to be a lot of overlap of buildings and their respective purposes amongst the multiple ruins.

We had considered going to Chichen Itza that afternoon but deemed it unnecessary and headed back to town for some lunch. We reverted back to reading on the beach for the remainder of the afternoon.

Friday we felt a little urgency to get going on a couple of activities that we had wanted to do, namely a cenote tour and snorkeling. Cenote is a term used for an opening to the below ground portion of an extensive freshwater river system that traverses the Yucatan Peninsula.
Cenotes are more commonly known as sinkholes. After driving a couple of miles into the jungle and taking a short walk with our guide, we arrived at a fairly non-descript hole in the ground. This hole was different in that it had stairs leading to a large cavern filled with beautiful freshwater. The three of us jumped in and our guide motioned for us to follow him. The cavern appeared to be just a simple space, no exits or entrances, but suddenly our guide had ducked into what appeared to be the wall of the cave. Once upon his exit place we realized that there was just enough room to squeeze under the wall into a very low and narrow cave that brought us into another cavern. Throughout the entire tour the caves were filled with stalactites and stalagmites, remnants of the last ice age when the Yucatan was more dry. Another cool feature were tree roots that extended from the roof of the caverns all the way to the water's surface, 15 ft in some cases. After waking up some bats with his spotlight and showing us just how dark it is with no spotlight, he gave us some time to swim around and enjoy the place. Definitely a good experience, but not a place either of us would want to spend too much time.

In the afternoon we drove to Akumal and took care of the last thing that we had wanted to do while there. Akumal is a small coastal town on a sheltered bay where diving and snorkeling are very popular. The weather had been very windy while we were there so we figured that with the protection of the bay we would be able to go snorkeling. Sure enough, we joined a group and swam around for about an hour and a half. We saw 5 sea turtles, squid, a barracuda and numerous brightly colored fish.

By this time our trip was nearing a close so we headed to Zama's for dinner as it had become our favorite restaurant in the area. There was live music on the beach, a light breeze blowing and a strong feeling of not wanting to leave.

The morning did come and we did go for a swim at sunrise and we did eat one last ridiculously decadent breakfast before checking out and heading for home.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Photos

Below is a link to the online gallery of our wedding photos.

Click on website.

Click on "proofing" in the lower right hand corner.

Click on "Jay and Leah's Wedding"

The password is "prescott" (case sensitive)


Leah and Jay

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer 2010

This entry will probably not be long enough to do the summer happenings justice. We left you off somewhere in June and it is now mid-September. It is truly amazing how time goes by. We hardly took any photos in late June and through July. Looking back we were quite busy with work and wedding planning. Leah of course had to work through the summer while I only worked for a few weeks in July. Leah's birthday was on July 21st. I enjoy baking cakes and so made her a "better than sex" cake. For some unknown reason no one will take ownership of that name.

This was one of the rare July 2010 photos. After Leah's birthday we entered the countdown for the event of the summer, our wedding on July 31st. If you are reading this journal there is a good chance that you were in attendance at the wedding and already know how great of a time was had. Just in case your memory has faded, the wedding was a party wholly worthy of the event that it marked. Leah and I had the time of our lives and will surely remember it forever. An online photo gallery of the event is due out Sep. 26th.

After the wedding Leah and I remained in Michigan for about 4 days. We spent our time doing all of the things that we love about Michigan. Going to the beach, eating fresh blueberries and big delicious breakfasts.

The weather was some of the best that I ever remember experiencing in Michigan. Sunny and in the 70's with a light breeze off the lake.

That kind of weather made it difficult to return to Texas where the sun was still scorching the land to a hard crusty brown.

The other tough part of returning was knowing that a new school year was right around the corner. I only had about a week of vacation after the wedding trip before staff development started up. Leah and I used that week to put together a Michigan puzzle that we had purchased while we were home. I bought a new router, built a table for it and then used the new tool to make a frame for our puzzle.

We also got a bunch of new glasses from our registry and so I built a neat rack for those.

One very important thing that I almost forgot to mention was that I bought a new component group for my road bike. I decided on the 2010 Ultegra. It is technically the same spec as I already had but seven years newer and improved by generations of technological improvement and trickle down from Dura-Ace.

I complain about lack of vacation but Leah had a legitimate reason to complain. Our flight back to Austin got in late at night and she had to return to work the next morning! One aspect of life right after wedding that we both noticed was that everything seemed light and inconsequential as if we were above all of the difficulties of everyday life. We enjoyed eachother's company, slept late and ate delicious meals almost everyday.

That went on for about a month which brings us to about a week ago. Labor Day weekend will always feel like the end of summer for us but down here it isn't really anything special. They celebrate it just like everyone else but up north it feels momentous as school starts, summer residences are closed up and the seasons change noticeably. Leah and I took a trip over to Houston for the weekend to visit the museums and see some different places. We stayed in an eclectic little bed and breakfast near Rice University.

The neighborhood we were in was very nice and only a couple miles south west of downtown, which as it turns out, was rather inconsequential. We spent nearly the whole of Saturday and Sunday within walking distance of where we stayed.

We visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Alley Theater. The science museum had a special exhibit on the archaeopteryx, the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds, which helped to prove Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

That was very cool. They also had an extensive gem and mineral collection where we spotted some copper samples from the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

The art museum had a varied mix of works. The mid to late 20th century and early 21st century were our favorite collections. Visiting art museums with Leah is always an overwhelmingly educational experience. She knows SO much and I know SO little. I only took one picture there as the photography rules were hard to decipher. This is a sketch of a fisherman on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks of New York State.

On Sunday afternoon we saw a show at the Alley Theater in downtown Houston and figured that we would walk to dinner afterwards. What a pleasant and very normal idea, right? Not so much. Houston has such extensive suburban sprawl that the downtown area is nearly void of restaurants and people. People drive as far as 75 miles to get to work everyday and simply do not come back to town for anything else. Later that evening we decided to go to Galveston to see the Gulf of Mexico. It was terrible. We learned where all the people in Houston live. The suburbs and strip malls stretch all the way to the sea. IHOP's and Applebees were packed past capacity. Galveston was dirty and loud . We literally saw a motorhome parked on the strip next to the beach with a generator running full bore behind it to power the plasma screen TV and stereo system they had set up ON the sidewalk. It was unreal. There was left over food and trash all over the beach. There were slot machines in the gas station being operated by dirty glaze eyed hillbillies smoking cigarettes. Worth seeing but not worth returning to.

In other news we recently adopted a dog from the humane society. His name is Max.

We had gone to look a week before Labor Day and had actually placed a hold on a dog named Tux. We placed the second hold on him about 45 minutes before the first hold was due to expire. Unfortunately when we called to inquire as to whether or not the first holders had shown up, we were told that they did, so Tux was gone. We got over that and figured we would go back after our trip to Houston and look again. Strangely enough the adoption center called while we were in the car on our way to Houston and told us that there had been some confusion and Tux was still available. So we drove up there on Monday after we got back into town and picked him up. The past week has been a whirlwind of getting to know each other and getting used to taking care of another living thing.

This photo was taken just before the 5 yr anniversary party for Community Impact News, where Leah works. That was Friday, September 10, which was just yesterday, so it looks like we're all caught up.

Keep in touch.


Leah and Jay

Sunday, June 27, 2010

End of Spring activities

Yet another long block of time since the last entry.

We left off last time with an entry about all of our wedding information. The planning for that is still right on schedule. The final few RSVP's are coming in now as the deadline approaches. Seating is being worked out, as are the small details.

Early May was buzzing with activity around here. Leah was busy with work and starting classes. She is taking classes through ACC to earn her webmaster certificate. She will literally be a "MASTER of the WEB". Not really, but by the end she will have her very own, self-made, personal, promotional website. Right now she is a print graphic designer, which quite literally means that she produces graphics that will go into print. The missing link is producing graphics that she can then place on the internet. These classes should close the gap.

Early May also brought preparations for closing the school year out. That was busy and rather stressful but it passed just as those times always do. I did manage to build some speaker stands during that time. They ended up being more involved than I planned, but since I never really "plan" projects, that comes as no surprise. They have helped both the aesthetics and acoustics of our living room.

I also broke May up with a quick weekend trip out to LA to visit my newly married friends Jeff and Katie Dambrun. The goal was to watch the Tour of California bike race, which we did. We also had a beautiful 50 mile mountain bike ride and a super nice road ride into downtown LA to view the time trial stage.

The trip was filled with two great friends, great food and great times.

Shortly after the school year ended Marie and I drove to Michigan for a couple of weeks. It was a long and boring drive that neither of us has any desire to repeat. Our time back home was mostly enjoyable, except that between the two of us we spent a combined 6 days being stupidly sick. Half of the trip was spent at the cottage and the other half was spent in Holland. Leah took a long weekend and flew up to take care of some wedding details and appointments, as well as attend her shower.

Spring has come to a close and we are now heading into summer down here. I've been on vacation for a while. During my time off I have been trying to start my days with a nice bike ride and then some work on a recent project of mine. We have received a few gifts now for the wedding and some of them are just too big for our already packed kitchen. So I decided to build an extra cabinet that we could store things inside of. It took a while and was as usual more involved than I initially "planned". But the final product is functional and matches Leah's color requirements. Success.

Leah has been working and working and working. She finished up her first class towards her webmaster certificate. That involved a few late nights but she ended up scoring really well on the exam and producing a nice final project. She is going to take a break from classes until after the wedding to maintain sanity.

Future outlook is good. Summer school starts in about a week and a half. I am truly not looking forward to going to work. But, it's only four days a week, the days end at 2:30 and the money is good. Deposited directly into a special untouchable account for a new bike!!

Slightly further out but approaching very quickly is the big day. We are looking forward to it and the anticipation is growing every day. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way or sent gifts already. We truly appreciate the involvement and generosity of everyone thus far.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

Love Leah and Jay.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wedding Edition

Registry Information:

Pottery Barn

This should bring you to a screen that asks for the information of the registrant.

First Name: Leah
Last Name: Breslin

Month: July
Year: 2010
State: TX

The reason it is under Texas is that we registered our shipping address in Texas to simplify the moving of things.


First Name: Leah
Last Name: Breslin

Click "View Registry" near the right hand side of the screen.

Bed Bath & Beyond

On the tab titled "Give a Great Gift" type:

First Name: Leah
Last Name: Breslin

Click on our names and you should be brought to our registry.

Additional Registry Information

All of the registries should be set-up to automatically ship to our address in Texas. If there is any confusion, please send to our return address.

We will also gladly accept gift cards to any of the following: Lowes, Pier 1, Home Depot and Target.

Honeymoon Information

Leah and I are planning on taking a honeymoon sometime during the winter months, most likely over Thanksgiving break.

If you would like, we are very willing to accept donations towards the funding of this as opposed to a traditional wedding present. Our goal is to have a once in a lifetime vacation that is worthy of the title "honeymoon". We are looking seriously at Costa Rica. Feel free to help us get there!


The Big Day

Date: July 31, 2010
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Felt Mansion

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Carla Breslin:

Thank you all so much. We are very excited for our fast approaching wedding day. We can't wait to see all of you there!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March has passed and we are now into April with many things to note from the past month and a half or so of silence.

We left off with Leah just returning from her cousin Tasha's wedding. It was indeed a success and the couple have been honeymooned and are reportedly very happy. Leah did make it back late that night and the next Monday was indeed a tired one for her chauffeur. Definitely should have taken that Monday off. Maybe next time.

Leah's inevitable end at Green Mountain has come and gone. Fortunately it came on the eve of her accepting a temporary position at a newpaper named, "Community Impact News". The temporary position has turned out to be not so temporary. Upon the sudden and unexpeted resignation of another employee, Leah found herself accepting a position as lead graphic designer. This all occurred in March and Leah will be starting her second full week as a full time employee tomorrow.

March also contained SPRING BREAK. I was able to relax for a week and enjoy myself. Leah had to work all week, which was both good and bad. I felt pretty good about waving goodbye and not going to work. On the other hand, I found myself quickly bored without her. Lot's of bike riding and cooking. We also got the wedding invitations done and ready to mail. Look for those in the next couple of days.

More recently, Leah and I escaped the hustle and bustle of the big city for a relaxing weekend. We booked a bed and breakfast in the town of Fredericksburg, about 90 miles west of here into the hill country. The place itself was an original house built around the turn of the last century. The interior was appointed in period pieces and refurbished to a "t".

The most impressive part of the trip was the food. Until then we had been somewhat disappointed with the food in Texas. We had excellent dining experiences 4 out of 5 times in Fredericksburg. We found a restaurant with true diner food for breakfast. What a relief, exactly what we had wanted. Saturday's dinner took place at the Hilltop Cafe. We were harried into the weekend and so were subject to the mercy of our lackluster visitor's guide for information. The Hilltop was listed under family dining and was on the highway north out of town. Off we went. One of the most beautiful times of day in the hill country is the night. Black, black, black. There are so very few lights out there. A couple of miles down the road we see some very bright lights off in the distance. Around another bend we see that it is actually a huge bonfire. Around another corner and we see a sister fire to the south. Blackness does strange things to depth perception but after a few seconds we decided that they were certainly a long ways off. No less strange however. They seemed to be at least a mile apart and much too large for a typical s'more party. After 8 more miles through the blackness we saw a beacon of fluorescence. Upon closer inspection it was indeed the Hilltop Cafe. It looked like a dive bar.

Lot's of corrugated steel construction, junk decorations and a dirt parking lot. The interior was on par with the exterior. Tacky decorations and a wait staff that looked like they had been transported directly from a 50's soda fountain. Once inside, everyone was well-dressed and seemed to be having an exceptional time. There was nothing less than $25 on the menu and the wine list went on forever. Shortly after we were seated, two elderly gentleman sat down in the corner, one at a drum set, the other at a microphone. They began to play, and beautiful music would continue to flow all night. And finally, the food was awesome. The best that we've had in Texas by far.

All in all, a great weekend.

This photo was taken at a charity event for Safeplace. It is similar to Women in Transition. Leah became involved through her work and we both volunteered on April 10.

The next big thing that happened in the lapse between journal entries was my birthday. I turned 24 on April 12. My double golden birthday. We didn't celebrate too extensively. We decided to eat in on Sunday night for my official birthday dinner. We had filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was all delicious. Leah wanted to make my birthday cake and was considering many different great ideas. I took it down a notch by informing her that my birthday cake has to be confetti cake.

I love all kinds of cakes, chocolate, vanilla, german chocolate, cream filled, angel food, pound etc. But, the only kind that will suffice for my birthday is confetti. And it was great, exactly what I wanted. I received a few very nice things in the mail along with some cards.

As a sidenote, I grew a beard after Christmas. Here is a photo of that, along with a funny mustache photo. All clean shaven now though. The mustache lasted for approximately 30 seconds.

I apologize for the scattered nature of this entry. Perhaps in the future we will resume with our earlier consistency.

Look for an entry in the near future with official wedding registry information.

With love from the south,

Leah and Jay.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our friendly neighborhood squirrel hunting for his acorns.

Not much to note this past couple of weeks. More work and more work. Last weekend (the one before Valentine's weekend) was spent working. Leah had some serious chores on the computer. Her goal was to make a mini portfolio to send to potential employers. It may sound simple but is far from it. The booklet is 5.5 X 5.5 in. That requires re-sizing all portfolio pieces to those dimensions, printing and cutting them to size. Printing involved purchasing ink re-fills, special 110 lb paper and slogging through the monotony of manual two-sided printing. When you turn the page of a booklet you certainly don't expect to see a blank page afterall. And once the pages were printed and dried, they required very careful cutting to size. This was where I got put to work. I used a metal straight edge and a plain razor blade. There were 20 pages in total and my hands only malfunctioned during the cutting of one. I suppose that puts my accuracy at 95%. And just when you think you're done, you have to hop in the car and drive to Kinko's to get the little booklets spiral bound. That project didn't require much writing just now but in real time it took the better part of our Sunday. The final product was great. The booklets are mini in size but not in content. They contain a well-rounded samplng of Leah's work, which is all excellent.

Since our last entry two scarily stereotypically middle American weeks have passed by us. The dreaded alarm clock rings in the morning and I work on getting caffeinated enough to see straight. The previous day's funk is washed off, shirt is buttoned, tie is tied; In the car and off to work I go; "Break" times are cherished and the end of the day can't come soon enough. Apparently this is just the way it goes in mid-winter for teachers. At least that is what all of my co-workers say. I am fairly sure that is over now though. I am just over halfway through a three day weekend and spring break is only four weeks away.

One week later.

Well, I really did mean to get this published earlier than this. But now that so much time has passed I suppose I will fill you in on this past week. It went fairly quickly as it was only four days long for me :) Leah and I had a couple of nice walks on the greenbelt as we were both able to get home at reasonable hours most days.

Leah had a busy week of applying for jobs and readying herself for a trip back to Michigan. Her cousin Tasha got married Saturday, Feb 20 in Zeeland, MI. Leah was bestowed the honor of being a bridesmaid and so made the trip back to participate. I would have loved to have been in attendance but left myself out due to outrageously expensive airfare to GRR. From what I've heard the wedding was a success and the bride and groom both had wonderful times. And that is what counts.

My weekend has been lonely but good for the most part. Saturday I had my favorite kind of morning, pajamas, coffee and a good book. That was followed by a very nice bike ride that kicked my butt and dinner with Ryan at a place called the Hills Cafe. I got chicken fried steak; I am ashamed to say that this is one of my favorite meals since moving to TX. Marie was in Galveston Friday through Saturday night and so her boyfriend Ryan was without his significant other as well. This afternoon (Sunday) Marie, Ryan and I met at the Barton Springs Pool. The weather was sunny and 75 deg. I got a nice long swim in and some time in the sun. Not bad for late February.

As I am writing Leah is in the air on her way back from the wedding weekend. Her plane was delayed and then moved and so on and so forth. Her flight finally took off and she is scheduled to be home ~5hrs later than anticipated. It will surely make for a rough Monday for her chauffeur.

That's all folks.

Love Leah and Jay.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where to begin....

At the end of the last entry is a good place I suppose. We left you with a trip to Colorado Bend State Park shortly before Christmas Break last year. School came to a close and we three Texans hit the air. We flew in to Chicago where Leah's parents met us and hauled us back to Michigan. The beginning of Christmas Break was filled with wedding planning for Leah and only just a bit for me. Christmas Day was filled with presents and family.

Grandma Harrison was staying with us over the holidays so she didn't have to go far to find us. Grandparents Prescott were not able to make it due to unpredictable weather.

Christmas evening was spent with the Becks, Leah's aunt and uncle, as well as many other family members including Grandma and Papa DuPuis. It was wonderful to have the chance to see everyone. They have a huge family which is always exciting. Gatherings there stand in stark contrast to our small and quiet family events.

The rest of the break was spent with family taking walks in the dunes and dining out.

Shortly before we left for home we got the chance to tour the Felt Mansion, the venue for our wedding next summer.

Our time up north came to a close right near the same time that we were all getting used to being back. All three of us were quite ready to head home and relax before the new work year.

New Year's was very low key for Leah and I. We walked over to the top of our favorite parking garage roof and watched the fireworks. The distance between us and the show seemed much greater than on the 4th of July. We were about two miles away and looking down on the show from a higher elevation. I retrospectively suppose that is why they seemed so small.

The few days between New Years and work were beautiful. The weather was pleasant and we were able to enjoy it on a number of occasions. Rising and shining on that first day back to school was tougher than I had expected. The next couple of weeks passed with one notable landmark, the making of our first ravioli. The first batch was shrimp stuffed with a wine and cream sauce, still my favorite so far.

Soon afterwards we had arrived at our next camping trip.

Just about a week ago we were at Lost Maples State Park ~90 miles W of San Antonio. The Friday night drive was the longest one yet but very much worth it. Waking up in the fresh air to the sunrise on Saturday morning was superb. Saturday we took a great hike around the park's west loop.

The trail was a Texas standard mix of singletrack and two track. The hills were high enough to afford some good scenery and we hiked through places with names like Mystic Canyon. By the time we returned to camp the wind had picked up to a comical speed.

Half gallon jugs of water being blown off the table. We borrowed the groundcloth from under the tent and tied it over one side of the picnic table shelter as a windbreak only to see the grommets rip out one by one. With a little extra effort and some patience we fixed and ate our lunch of sausage and bean tacos, delicious by the way.

Sunday was an equally beautiful day with warmer temps and less wind. We had our soon-to-be-phased out traditonal bacon and eggs for breakfast and went for a second and last hike, this time around the park's east loop. The views from this trail were spectacular. For about a mile the trail ran along a high ridge with unobstructed 270 deg views.

Before long we were on the road back home. The drive was long and the arrival back to the city was not overly welcomed. I could have very happily remained in the wilderness for a few more days.

That more or less brings us to now. One more week of work under our belts and soon to be one more weekend as well.

We'll try and cover less time with the next one.

Write us something.


Jay and Leah