Sunday, April 4, 2010

March has passed and we are now into April with many things to note from the past month and a half or so of silence.

We left off with Leah just returning from her cousin Tasha's wedding. It was indeed a success and the couple have been honeymooned and are reportedly very happy. Leah did make it back late that night and the next Monday was indeed a tired one for her chauffeur. Definitely should have taken that Monday off. Maybe next time.

Leah's inevitable end at Green Mountain has come and gone. Fortunately it came on the eve of her accepting a temporary position at a newpaper named, "Community Impact News". The temporary position has turned out to be not so temporary. Upon the sudden and unexpeted resignation of another employee, Leah found herself accepting a position as lead graphic designer. This all occurred in March and Leah will be starting her second full week as a full time employee tomorrow.

March also contained SPRING BREAK. I was able to relax for a week and enjoy myself. Leah had to work all week, which was both good and bad. I felt pretty good about waving goodbye and not going to work. On the other hand, I found myself quickly bored without her. Lot's of bike riding and cooking. We also got the wedding invitations done and ready to mail. Look for those in the next couple of days.

More recently, Leah and I escaped the hustle and bustle of the big city for a relaxing weekend. We booked a bed and breakfast in the town of Fredericksburg, about 90 miles west of here into the hill country. The place itself was an original house built around the turn of the last century. The interior was appointed in period pieces and refurbished to a "t".

The most impressive part of the trip was the food. Until then we had been somewhat disappointed with the food in Texas. We had excellent dining experiences 4 out of 5 times in Fredericksburg. We found a restaurant with true diner food for breakfast. What a relief, exactly what we had wanted. Saturday's dinner took place at the Hilltop Cafe. We were harried into the weekend and so were subject to the mercy of our lackluster visitor's guide for information. The Hilltop was listed under family dining and was on the highway north out of town. Off we went. One of the most beautiful times of day in the hill country is the night. Black, black, black. There are so very few lights out there. A couple of miles down the road we see some very bright lights off in the distance. Around another bend we see that it is actually a huge bonfire. Around another corner and we see a sister fire to the south. Blackness does strange things to depth perception but after a few seconds we decided that they were certainly a long ways off. No less strange however. They seemed to be at least a mile apart and much too large for a typical s'more party. After 8 more miles through the blackness we saw a beacon of fluorescence. Upon closer inspection it was indeed the Hilltop Cafe. It looked like a dive bar.

Lot's of corrugated steel construction, junk decorations and a dirt parking lot. The interior was on par with the exterior. Tacky decorations and a wait staff that looked like they had been transported directly from a 50's soda fountain. Once inside, everyone was well-dressed and seemed to be having an exceptional time. There was nothing less than $25 on the menu and the wine list went on forever. Shortly after we were seated, two elderly gentleman sat down in the corner, one at a drum set, the other at a microphone. They began to play, and beautiful music would continue to flow all night. And finally, the food was awesome. The best that we've had in Texas by far.

All in all, a great weekend.

This photo was taken at a charity event for Safeplace. It is similar to Women in Transition. Leah became involved through her work and we both volunteered on April 10.

The next big thing that happened in the lapse between journal entries was my birthday. I turned 24 on April 12. My double golden birthday. We didn't celebrate too extensively. We decided to eat in on Sunday night for my official birthday dinner. We had filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was all delicious. Leah wanted to make my birthday cake and was considering many different great ideas. I took it down a notch by informing her that my birthday cake has to be confetti cake.

I love all kinds of cakes, chocolate, vanilla, german chocolate, cream filled, angel food, pound etc. But, the only kind that will suffice for my birthday is confetti. And it was great, exactly what I wanted. I received a few very nice things in the mail along with some cards.

As a sidenote, I grew a beard after Christmas. Here is a photo of that, along with a funny mustache photo. All clean shaven now though. The mustache lasted for approximately 30 seconds.

I apologize for the scattered nature of this entry. Perhaps in the future we will resume with our earlier consistency.

Look for an entry in the near future with official wedding registry information.

With love from the south,

Leah and Jay.