Sunday, June 27, 2010

End of Spring activities

Yet another long block of time since the last entry.

We left off last time with an entry about all of our wedding information. The planning for that is still right on schedule. The final few RSVP's are coming in now as the deadline approaches. Seating is being worked out, as are the small details.

Early May was buzzing with activity around here. Leah was busy with work and starting classes. She is taking classes through ACC to earn her webmaster certificate. She will literally be a "MASTER of the WEB". Not really, but by the end she will have her very own, self-made, personal, promotional website. Right now she is a print graphic designer, which quite literally means that she produces graphics that will go into print. The missing link is producing graphics that she can then place on the internet. These classes should close the gap.

Early May also brought preparations for closing the school year out. That was busy and rather stressful but it passed just as those times always do. I did manage to build some speaker stands during that time. They ended up being more involved than I planned, but since I never really "plan" projects, that comes as no surprise. They have helped both the aesthetics and acoustics of our living room.

I also broke May up with a quick weekend trip out to LA to visit my newly married friends Jeff and Katie Dambrun. The goal was to watch the Tour of California bike race, which we did. We also had a beautiful 50 mile mountain bike ride and a super nice road ride into downtown LA to view the time trial stage.

The trip was filled with two great friends, great food and great times.

Shortly after the school year ended Marie and I drove to Michigan for a couple of weeks. It was a long and boring drive that neither of us has any desire to repeat. Our time back home was mostly enjoyable, except that between the two of us we spent a combined 6 days being stupidly sick. Half of the trip was spent at the cottage and the other half was spent in Holland. Leah took a long weekend and flew up to take care of some wedding details and appointments, as well as attend her shower.

Spring has come to a close and we are now heading into summer down here. I've been on vacation for a while. During my time off I have been trying to start my days with a nice bike ride and then some work on a recent project of mine. We have received a few gifts now for the wedding and some of them are just too big for our already packed kitchen. So I decided to build an extra cabinet that we could store things inside of. It took a while and was as usual more involved than I initially "planned". But the final product is functional and matches Leah's color requirements. Success.

Leah has been working and working and working. She finished up her first class towards her webmaster certificate. That involved a few late nights but she ended up scoring really well on the exam and producing a nice final project. She is going to take a break from classes until after the wedding to maintain sanity.

Future outlook is good. Summer school starts in about a week and a half. I am truly not looking forward to going to work. But, it's only four days a week, the days end at 2:30 and the money is good. Deposited directly into a special untouchable account for a new bike!!

Slightly further out but approaching very quickly is the big day. We are looking forward to it and the anticipation is growing every day. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way or sent gifts already. We truly appreciate the involvement and generosity of everyone thus far.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

Love Leah and Jay.