Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Photos

Below is a link to the online gallery of our wedding photos.

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Leah and Jay

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer 2010

This entry will probably not be long enough to do the summer happenings justice. We left you off somewhere in June and it is now mid-September. It is truly amazing how time goes by. We hardly took any photos in late June and through July. Looking back we were quite busy with work and wedding planning. Leah of course had to work through the summer while I only worked for a few weeks in July. Leah's birthday was on July 21st. I enjoy baking cakes and so made her a "better than sex" cake. For some unknown reason no one will take ownership of that name.

This was one of the rare July 2010 photos. After Leah's birthday we entered the countdown for the event of the summer, our wedding on July 31st. If you are reading this journal there is a good chance that you were in attendance at the wedding and already know how great of a time was had. Just in case your memory has faded, the wedding was a party wholly worthy of the event that it marked. Leah and I had the time of our lives and will surely remember it forever. An online photo gallery of the event is due out Sep. 26th.

After the wedding Leah and I remained in Michigan for about 4 days. We spent our time doing all of the things that we love about Michigan. Going to the beach, eating fresh blueberries and big delicious breakfasts.

The weather was some of the best that I ever remember experiencing in Michigan. Sunny and in the 70's with a light breeze off the lake.

That kind of weather made it difficult to return to Texas where the sun was still scorching the land to a hard crusty brown.

The other tough part of returning was knowing that a new school year was right around the corner. I only had about a week of vacation after the wedding trip before staff development started up. Leah and I used that week to put together a Michigan puzzle that we had purchased while we were home. I bought a new router, built a table for it and then used the new tool to make a frame for our puzzle.

We also got a bunch of new glasses from our registry and so I built a neat rack for those.

One very important thing that I almost forgot to mention was that I bought a new component group for my road bike. I decided on the 2010 Ultegra. It is technically the same spec as I already had but seven years newer and improved by generations of technological improvement and trickle down from Dura-Ace.

I complain about lack of vacation but Leah had a legitimate reason to complain. Our flight back to Austin got in late at night and she had to return to work the next morning! One aspect of life right after wedding that we both noticed was that everything seemed light and inconsequential as if we were above all of the difficulties of everyday life. We enjoyed eachother's company, slept late and ate delicious meals almost everyday.

That went on for about a month which brings us to about a week ago. Labor Day weekend will always feel like the end of summer for us but down here it isn't really anything special. They celebrate it just like everyone else but up north it feels momentous as school starts, summer residences are closed up and the seasons change noticeably. Leah and I took a trip over to Houston for the weekend to visit the museums and see some different places. We stayed in an eclectic little bed and breakfast near Rice University.

The neighborhood we were in was very nice and only a couple miles south west of downtown, which as it turns out, was rather inconsequential. We spent nearly the whole of Saturday and Sunday within walking distance of where we stayed.

We visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Alley Theater. The science museum had a special exhibit on the archaeopteryx, the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds, which helped to prove Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

That was very cool. They also had an extensive gem and mineral collection where we spotted some copper samples from the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

The art museum had a varied mix of works. The mid to late 20th century and early 21st century were our favorite collections. Visiting art museums with Leah is always an overwhelmingly educational experience. She knows SO much and I know SO little. I only took one picture there as the photography rules were hard to decipher. This is a sketch of a fisherman on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks of New York State.

On Sunday afternoon we saw a show at the Alley Theater in downtown Houston and figured that we would walk to dinner afterwards. What a pleasant and very normal idea, right? Not so much. Houston has such extensive suburban sprawl that the downtown area is nearly void of restaurants and people. People drive as far as 75 miles to get to work everyday and simply do not come back to town for anything else. Later that evening we decided to go to Galveston to see the Gulf of Mexico. It was terrible. We learned where all the people in Houston live. The suburbs and strip malls stretch all the way to the sea. IHOP's and Applebees were packed past capacity. Galveston was dirty and loud . We literally saw a motorhome parked on the strip next to the beach with a generator running full bore behind it to power the plasma screen TV and stereo system they had set up ON the sidewalk. It was unreal. There was left over food and trash all over the beach. There were slot machines in the gas station being operated by dirty glaze eyed hillbillies smoking cigarettes. Worth seeing but not worth returning to.

In other news we recently adopted a dog from the humane society. His name is Max.

We had gone to look a week before Labor Day and had actually placed a hold on a dog named Tux. We placed the second hold on him about 45 minutes before the first hold was due to expire. Unfortunately when we called to inquire as to whether or not the first holders had shown up, we were told that they did, so Tux was gone. We got over that and figured we would go back after our trip to Houston and look again. Strangely enough the adoption center called while we were in the car on our way to Houston and told us that there had been some confusion and Tux was still available. So we drove up there on Monday after we got back into town and picked him up. The past week has been a whirlwind of getting to know each other and getting used to taking care of another living thing.

This photo was taken just before the 5 yr anniversary party for Community Impact News, where Leah works. That was Friday, September 10, which was just yesterday, so it looks like we're all caught up.

Keep in touch.


Leah and Jay